Should I get married even though I have low self esteem and last issues?

I have really bad self esteem to beging with since i was a kid, my mom would xompare me with other girls and tell me That they are better and prettier and That i looked horrible, and plus m'y sad would Just call me stupide every time i did somthing.

and i had a Bad breakup too, i loved es and adored him for some years untill he said hurtful things to me, saying he likes blondes and though some blondes were prettier and That he likes what he likes. It hurted my self esteem more than ever. I triedtalking to him in why he was disliking me so Much but he would Just shrug it off... so i left eventaully in years and he found some else the Next week,

i nno longer see myself as beautiful or even generaly pretty i tried so hard with thearapy and everything to regain my self strength...

i though maybe if i got married to the right Person i coule ne happer, its not likes im the pain in the ass, i am easy to make happy like if he gave me a Small flower or tell me im pretty or the only one he wants or the prettiest girl to him then il the happist Person alive.


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  • Sure if you find the right guy but you have to work on your self-esteem issues first. You have to learn to like yourself and accept who you are. If you aren't satisfied with your body take steps to change, go to the gym, have a makeover, get a different haircut. Men don't really like women who constantly criticise themselves no matter how beautiful they are. A satisfied and happy person is 100x more dateable than someone with no self-esteem.

    • Here is the thing i lost tones of pounds, used to be 140 lbs now im currently 109 lbs, changes my hair, losed my glasses and got contacts and changes my wardrob. Even after doing all That. I faces some situations That happend, a some Guys called me ugly and said That my sister is smokin hot and even my high School crush told i needed a nose job so That i would look like my prettier... and im vert conciouse around guys ssince then.

    • Don't care about what assholes say, you don't want to look nice for them. You want to look nice for yourself and for kind men who love the way you are. If someone says I'm ugly I just tell them a striking retort and walk away.

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  • You should get married i you really want to I'm sure you look good blondes are overrated.

    • You sound like a nice girl just trouble with self esteem which isn't all your fault. Just be patient I hope everything works out and you find your right man.

    • Aww thank you and for you options, have a nice day.

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  • Getting married won't make you feel beautiful. That ideology will eradicate your marriage

    • Sorry That sounds very scientifique i dont know what You exactly mean?

  • Well why don't you wait until the right one comes along. If that happens, I can assure you that you will want to put your best foot forward for him and they will restore your past confidence.


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