Does he like me?

Well I went on a date with this guy it seemed to go well, he texted me straight away after apologising for being nervous and been texting me a lot. He asked me about what I thought about our date I said I enjoyed it and he said me too, just checking. He hasn't initiated another date though should I be worried? He kissed me on the cheek before and after the date.


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  • First and foremost, yes he does like you. The way he acted after the date shows he wants to get your attention, and usually means he can't stop thinking about you. At the moment, I am guessing he's usually a shy guy, so the kiss might have been rather big for him


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  • He was really nervous! And probably still is, break the ice a little with him then he might ask for another date or you can ask him.. But he won't do it until he thinks he won't be that nervous again


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