Girls, do you only agree on giving your number to a new guy you find physically attractive?

None of you have ever met before and it's the guy who makes an approach on you.

You would never give your number to a guy you don't find attractive at the first glanve, would you?


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  • It depends if he has potential to become attractive. like if he can impress me with how he approaches me, or if he has a charming personality. But I've never really said no, makes me feel guilty

    • Understandable. Since you don't know him it's smart to give him a chance, who knows how things will go, right? But you certainly have preferences when it comes to a guy's appearance - If he was your type, you'd be much more willing to give him your number than if he wasn't your type, right?

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    • See, she must have found me attractive. Otherwise she wouldn't have remember my name. I will try it again when she's 17.

    • She lives in a nearby town and was like "Maybe our paths will cross again some day"

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  • girls only give they numbers to guys they really like

    • Even at age 13 ? I don't mean to discriminate against you because of your age. By "really like" , are you talking about liking the guy based on his looks?

  • If i like his personality i would. I would feel kinda bad saying no to someone though.

    • But you don't know him at all. Don't you have to be like " oh, he's good-looking , I like him " to agree on giving him your number?

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    • The situation would be more like this : You're both sitting in a cafe, a few tables away from each other, he walks up to you and asks for his number. ( cafes are a very European thing ^^)

      Or it would be like this : He spots you via one of those spotted - sites on Facebook , and shows his interest in you by describing how you look hoping that someone on there happens to know you and find you via a 3rd party.

    • I would need to talk to him first before i'd give him my number.

  • i will never give my number to anybody (attractive or not) just on the basis of first glance. physical attractiveness is not the only thing that matters. i would want him to be intellectually stimulating as well...

    • You're from India and dating there is a whole lot different from how it is in the west. It's understandable that you won't give out your number to any guy in your country. India has a lack of women anyway due to its culture.

    • lack of women

      let me tell you something. even if i lived in the US, i would still never hand out my number to strangers, because creeps are creeps, no matter what their nationality. there are some who throw themselves at men (it's a very, very, very small fraction residing in the cities), but i am not them.
      i look for more than looks in a man... i don't understand what my nationality has got to do with it

  • Well it depends. Does he have money?

  • Actually I don't mind giving out my number to guys who don't seem like creeps. And if he turned out to be a creep, then I'll just block him 👍


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