What's the longest amount of time you talked to someone on tinder?

Just out of curiosity what's the longest you've chatted back and forth with someone on tinder? Did it go anywhere did you meet in person?


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  • as in days? 7 days.. then we met in rl.
    As in hours maybe 3 hours..

    • What do you think of a guy messaging me for like over a week then all of a sudden no answer for half a day? is he not interested in meeting or me anymore?

    • Hmm he might be interested but not as interested as before. Or he migut be just busy. I wouldn't worry about it.

    • Keep in mind that you might not be the only one he's talking to especially if he looks attractive. My suggestion is to meet him in rl as soon as you can. If he has been talking to you for a week, it means he's interested, but that doesn't mean that interests won't go away, It will. Ask him for a date. Don't ever think that he will consider think of you as an insecured person. Most guys are impressed when girls make the first move. Be the one. be different than other girls.

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  • I don't use tinder. I looked at it once because I was bored, haha. I think I talked to a guy for like 2 messages before we just stopped messaging.


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