He replied to my text after second date and now he's ignoring me?

long story short i met a guy online on a dating site a month ago and we finally decided to meet last weekend. he flew from texas and i am from ohio. So anyways we met i felt like we didn't really gel in person but i did like some of his qualities and i discussed that maybe we need to work on them together. He was cool about it and everything was fine. Then the next day he texted and asked me to meet again we met and we had much better time we went to his hotel room and chilled there. Nothing physical happened. we talked and had a great time. The next day he left for texas and we were still talking i told him to text me once he reaches so after 12 hours he replied saying his flight was delayed a bit but he reached that evening. I thought of waiting until the next day to reply because i did not wanted to seem desperate. By the way i have added him on snapchat too. So that morning like around 3 am he screenshots one of the quotes i sent him on snapchat the quote is something about how i want a guy to be like. Its like "there are guys out there who will see your worth they will see beyond your body they will stimulate your mind and they will feed your mind and body both. I know its rare to find someone like that but so are you" . So i asked him what he screenshot he sent me the same pic of the quote back to me. Then i was being funny asking him who are you sending it to? he reads it and doesn't reply. So anyways i waited for another day and i finally texted him last night asking if he still wants to talk further and see how we will workout if not its cool whatever he decides. He reads them still doesn't reply. So can someone help me understand this guy? why is he behaving like this? did i do something wrong? what do i do?


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  • interesting, maybe he is just being a little shy

    • umm he's reading my texts but not replying? no i dont think he's shy. he said i am shy in person than on texting when we met!

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    • yeah well he's already ignoring me what if he doesn't pick up my call?

    • then maybe he's busy or he's not that into you and doesn't know how to tell you, but don't assume the worst.

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