How to deal with it?

So me and my girl are only casual. Nothing serious. So I KNOW her flirting and seeing other people isn't technically wrong, but It still... upsets me. Especially since they're my close friends and they talk about it in "code" that's super easy for me to figure out and they say it IN FRONT OF ME! Now they're all girls and the way these act is they will say I'm flipping out over nothing if I talk to them. And my girlfriend says she really likes me but isn't ready for a serious relationship so that's her justification. I know I'm free to go and there's nothing keeping me but I do really like this chick. How do I just not care about the other stuff? To my knowledge she hasn't PHYSICALLY done anything to anyone else.
Maybe could I get some more help? Please?


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  • This is the issue with casual relationships; people agree to it for their own reasons, but then get upset when their partner treats it as a casual relationship. This whole "code" thing sounds a little bit hard to believe for me and I'd need an example of it to buy it. You could be perceiving things wrong for all you know.

    However, to clarify what casual dating is: you are in a non-committed relationship where there are no expectations nor obligations. You are free to exit at any time and there is no restriction on moving on to other people... that's why it's casual. So, you're right in that she isn't doing anything wrong. However, if you do really like this girl and don't want her to flirt with other people, you'll have to become EXCLUSIVE. If she doesn't want that... well, sorry to say you're out of luck.

    • Well the code is they changed her name to another one aha. The way I figured it out was girl A texted my girl and I was in her phone putting on music and saw it. And I know girl A only likes my girlfriend cause the whole group knows she only likes one person. And I don't know what she wants. I mean she does say she really likes me and apparently has been acting really weird to the other people lately. And apparently she cares about me a lot more than I know according to her best friend. So I just am clueless.

    • Then you communicate with her. You can't sit there and say you're clueless when you've never even spoken to her about it.

  • Dun dun DUNNNN! Yup you're screwed

    • You're Soooooooo helpful. Maybe next time let the extra XP that goes to first commenters go to someone who wants to help?

    • Wrong question response, sorry.

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