How long in advance to re confirm a date?

This weekend on Saturday I am planning to go to my first date with a guy I met 1 month and a half ago, but until now we are scheduling to see each other. We talked about this coming dated like 2 weeks ago and since those 2 weeks ago we haven't being in touch not over a text or a call (well sicne we first met we never called each other on the phone anyway it has been only through texting) I dont want him to forget that he has this committment with me cause 2 weeks ago we were supposed to hang out but he cancelled it and apologize and he agreed to postpone it for another day though he never set a day I was the one who set the day for this weekend which he agreed. But like I said I haven't been in contact with him in 2 weeks. Men tend to forgets dates and Im afraid he will forget that this weekend we had a movie date like we arranged 2 weeks ago. Should I re confirm with him and if so when will be the best time and what to say? I dont want him to cancel one more time I been trying to see this guy again after the first time we met almsot 1 month and 2 weeks ago and I like him and if we do not see each other there is no possibility for me to get to know him better and see if there is chemsitry and connection, the only way to do that is to see him in person and hagn out, but so far not even a first date we haven't been able to arrange for different circusmtances.

I doubt he will becaue when he cancelled the first time he apologize and told me to postpone it for another day (back then he never said when) and I think he felt bad he could not go to the date with me. I mean I dont want to force him to go on a date with me in case he forgets that this weekend is the planned date, cause that is not the right way to do things and we are both adults, but I dont want him to cancel on me or give me an excuse that he wotn be able to make it one more time this weekend.
Well I finally texted the guy and at first I was a bit mad at his response but I dont know if his resposne ws because he really forgot about it or he meant what he said. I texted him and his response was. In the beginning the date is still on but lets talk tomorrow to confirm. At that point he did not tell me why he said that. I assume he forogt te day since the last time we got in touch was 2 weeks ago and he could easily had forgotten the date in 2 weeks.
The according the text convo was going through and I asked him about some renovations he was doing in his house. He toldme that the renov were almost over only that he was gettng rid of some house debris and that is why he is sure for Saturday he was going to be ready. So that is the reason why he told me to confir tomorrow mybe he wants the house to be cleaned after the renov are already finished and if the house is not redy probably he won't make it. Odd that he did not tell me at first


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  • I would confirm either Wednesday or Thursday as this will give him a reminder not to make any other plans as the weekend draws closer and it's not last minute either

    • Since I want th date to go on and I will really like like to go out with him when I be confirming the date I was thinking in like teasing him and tell him something like in a joking matter: Hey watch out and you cancel again" but I be saying that in a joking matter or I better not bring that particular phrase up?

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    • Well I sent him the reminder text on Thrusday night I dont know whether to give him the benefit of the doubt or what but I know he rad my message cause Whatassp send me te message was read. I sent it around 7pm but he read it like 1 hr later and still no response from him like I said I will give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he will respond me later or even tomorrow but that I dont know. I jsut hope he responds me anything or maybe Im going crazy that I wanted him to answer me right away or do not take too long to answer cuse that are starting to sound like red flags to me

    • Well if he does not answer by tomorrow night then maybe try again, otherwise I would start to consider the red flags

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  • That's kind of a strange situation. How do you know this guy? Why don't you guys talk on the phone?

    • Well we met during a family Easter trip and I knew him because he is one of my cousin best friend and my cousin and him were vacationing for Easter at my aunts house and he knows my family (cousins, aunts, etc). If we dont talk on the phone is becauyse maybe by text we can say each other more things hehe and also by text Im not interrupting him if he is busy, he just read the message and replies whenever he has time to do it so. Im also taking things slowly with him not coming too strong because that is not right and also because he had been in a relationship before cause he is divorced maybe he knows from experience about women issues.

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    • I hope he wotn because I really really really want to see him again after the last time we saw ach other and that was like one month and so ago. I want also like to hint him indirectly without him thinking I like him, that I want to see him so he is more eager to see me too. What should I say?

    • Just keep it breezy.. Something like- How's it going... just to check in with you about this weekend to see if we're still on?

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