I still didn't got over my ex, should I go into a new relationship?

Ex dumped 2 months ago, we were 3 years together and it hit me really hard. I'm not sad anymore but I still think about him and I find it hard to trust anyone. I met this one guy that I kinda really like. He makes me laugh and I wanna cuddle and kiss with him (not doing it yet just friends for now), but I don't want to drag him around for too long because I see he's really into me. I think about him too though, but my ex pops on my mind more often. I don't want to friendzone this guy, but I don't want to hurt him either with maybe changing my mind if I give us a shot. But I also feel like I might miss out a really good opportunity. Friends tell me I shouldn't go into any relationship if my mind is not clear, and I know they are right but still... I kinda still didn't told him about my ex because I'm afraid he's gonna step back. :/


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  • "Friends tell me I shouldn't go into any relationship if my mind is not clear,"<---- wot yer friends said basically 8)


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  • You should take it easy.
    You might think that you are going to miss out on a lot, but you have to remind yourself that if you aren't ready and completely over your ex, then you will take problems into the next relationship, and then ruin something that could have been great.

    In my opinion you should hold off a bit and if he approaches you romantically or starts asking or anything, then you should say to him that you are still not over you ex, and even though you really like him (the guy), you don't want to ruin the relationship by getting together before you're over your ex.
    I hooe it helped :) - good luck


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  • Does the new guy know that you just got out of a relationship?


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