10 days till the next date! Can I ask to hang out again sooner?

I have just been on my second date with a really sweet guy. It went really well, though we still haven't kissed, just hugs. We made a date to go see tomorrowland in the cinema in 10 days. I really want to see him soon, and 10 days is far away.. would i be too pushy to ask if maybe we can see each other/hang out some day in between?

I also want to hear your opinions on our age difference. I'm 20. He's 27. I'm okay with it, at least that won't be the thing stopping me if he is the one and only. :P Just curious..


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  • better w8...10 days will pass quickly basically... :-)

    otherwise u might sound needy ;-)

    • Thank you. Dont want that. :P

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  • When was your second date? If it was like 2 days ago then you should wait a day or two more before seeing him, if it's already been a couple days since the last date then I think it's fine for you to go see him like once within the 10 days till your date.

    • Our second date ended just a few hours ago. I dont mean i want to see him like NOW, or tomorrow, but just once in between the 10 days.. because 10 days feels like a lot of time when i'm thinking about him. =)

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  • I would enjoy driving her to places

    • what are you talking about.. ?

    • haha I assumed this was another post

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