Debate topic - Does it really matter how your crush approaches you?

So I was speaking to a female friend of mine about this & she belives that if you fancy someone, it doesn't matter how they ask you out, get your number etc. - your just thrilled they asked you out.

In thoery that seems great, you & your crush on a date, who cares about who or how you met, right?

In my opinion, and from personal expereince, this has to be done in person (old school mentality perhaps) but my friend doesn't see a problem with her crush asking her out via social media. I believe girls like a man to take charge & approach her before conversing a little & then asking her out, for her number etc.

So where do you stand - effectively new or old school?
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  • New School (what's wrong with asking them out via social media?)
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Right so it's a landslide victory for the 'old school' method! But the question now is, does it matter what is said i. e. Simply put, 'Can I have your number?' or do girls prefer something more slick?


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  • In person because sometimes social media can be wrong.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Man fuck social media. You have to sit and stew until she responds. IF she responds.

    At least you get a response immediately with the in person. Whole lot less gray hairs from that if you ask me.


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  • In person should always be preferable but it's hardly practical.

  • At my age I am obviously going old school.


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