What should I do? Is it worth the shot?

I met a refreshingly nice guy last month and we get along great. We text each other a lot but I hate that I'm always the initiator but regardless, he talks a lot anyhow. We've met up a few times.

To be honest, he's the only guy that hasn't disappeared in the span of a week and that's an added bonus.

One of my pet peeves though, is that he always wants to bring his best bro friend along and I confronted to him about it if it was ever just going to be the two of us to which he replied to, "It can still be that way."

We agreed we'd have a movie marathon at my house this Saturday but I'm scared because I don't want to get hurt or excited because he's still in touch with me. The ideal thing would be for us to trust each other and like each other enough to go out in the future sometime because I'm interested.

How do I know if this guy really likes me? I tried searching it up but I really need help. It's weird because the last time we met up, he was extremely nervous around me, didn't talk to me but to his friend, and later on, flirted with me? It's weird.

Do guys that you just met normally keep in touch this long if they're interested in you? Does he like me as a person in general? Why do you believe he is still in touch with me

Lots of questions, lol, but I could really use the help...

Thanks. :')


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  • He probably does like you, he probably just brings his friend so he is more comfortable when he gets too nervous or has nothing to talk about. I would say if he is still communicating quite frequently and enjoys spending time with you, then he at the very least likes you as a person if not more.

    • Thank you so, so much. It's always helpful seeing it from a men's POV because I really don't like assuming for him, it's unfair and a vicious cycle. I'm sorry to disturb you but do you have any tips for when we watch movies together at my house? I want us to have as much fun as possible (NOT like that, lol). I want him to be more interested in me. :)

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    • SoCal, that is so cool! I love the SD and La Jolla area. I've only been to LA once but it's great. Love both places. Would like to go more up north. How is ASU? Because I have three friends over there and they have mixed feelings but I really don't like Tucson... it's quite ugly, imho, hahah. I would've liked to have gone to SDSU or UCSD but super-mega expensive. :O

    • Yeah it's expensive in California

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