Should I play with a girl with children?

This girl i work with likes to play around with me. Everytime me and my buddy want to hang out, she wants to come with me. She asked me out to a bar the other night, but i didn't go. She has kids, but i dont want a relationship with her. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she's probably got an itch that needs scratching. She has grabbed my ass a couple of times, and she's very flirty. But i just dont want to get attached to her, because she has children and works with me.

She also parks next to me. I'm really afraid to ask her out and her say no, so that its awkward at work. But i just got out of a relationship, and if she knows we aren't going to be in a relationship, it won't hurt right?


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  • I can definitely help you out in this department...
    I think a lot of men assume that when woman have children they are always on the prowl for a "daddy".

    But honestly if she has a stable job and from what you can tell she is a good mother she probably just needs an adult to distract her from mommy life.

    Kids are the biggest blessing in the world but.. being a full time single mom can really drain the life out of her.. so having a guy to toy around with is a huge identity booster. She probably just wants to feel sexy wanted... and depending on her moral compass she might just want some sexual meals after work.

    If she's grabbed your ass a couple times, I think its pretty obvious she wants you and I wouldn't put too much emphasis on her having kids. But just be careful.. woman aren't good at one night stands. scientifically our brain releases a chemical after sex that bonds us to our partner.. So be careful there.

    Especially if you have to see her at work the next day.

    • Its funny you say that, because im the same way. I'm a man, and i can't have one night stands for that same reason. I'm made fun of because of it. Thats what im afraid of. Because i feel like if we have sex, then i'll fall for her, and then i become an insta-dad. lol.

      But she's 27, and im 20. Thats another thing.. Lol

    • Well to be completely honest both guys and girls get that chemical.. its "oxytocin" but its more prominent in woman... Men still get the hormone released after sex but its quickly diminished by testosterone. (Scientifically speaking- testosterone overpowers oxytocin). So it doesn't surprise that this happens to you. Even if your a man lol. Well she's 27 your 20 no biggie lol! But don't be afraid of becoming an instadad. Especially if your 20. If she's even remotely realistic she'll know you have a lot of life to live. But now that you shared that last piece of information.. I don't know man.. I think your better off not investing into her.. cuz things could get messy if you easily attatch to a girl.. and by how you describe her.. she has a high libido.. so that means lots of sex and lots of oxytocin ;). Move on if you can...

  • Sure, I don't see a problem as long as you are open and honest from the beginning about not wanting a relationship.


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