How do I gain back my sanity after being cheated on, and left for another guy?

I have hit rock bottom. My first love cheated on me multiple times, and left me for her old boyfriend... apologized after they broke up, and said i was right about everything. A week later, they get back together, so that apology meant shit. They've been together now for a couple of weeks, and i feel so alone. She doesn't deserve someone to go home to everyday, and im the one alone.

Its been almost 4 months since we last saw each other face to face, and im still destroyed. I saw a picture of her and her boyfriend, and it killed me. My parents do nothing but tell me to move on, and its been long enough to be stuck on her, and i need to get over it. I hate being told that. This is my first love. This girl slept in my bed, i woke up next to her almost every day, and now she's gone.

The thought of her having sex with him destroys me, and i can't bear to think about how much they have sex. Everytime i think about it, i feel like they are doing it right at this second.. I feel like i'll never find love again, or anyone better than her... I can't find a good looking girl that doesn't cheat? Wtf..


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  • You'll find someone just don't lose hope and don't stay stuck on this girl. Try not to think about her. Not everyone stays with their first bf/gf forever and the people who do usually live pretty boring lives for the rest of their years because they never got the chance to explore. Think of it in a positive way- at least you found out she was no good for you relatively early on, now you can move on- as annoying as that term must be to you, it's the only way forward. You sound like a good guy, you'll find someone new and decent and not a cheater just don't lose hope and be the best version of yourself. No one can stop you or hold you back- that includes cheating exes that aren't worth your thoughts.
    Keep your chin up 💓

    • Yeah, well read tractorbeams response. I agree with him to some extent. It really gives me no hope at all.

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  • The first thing you do is stop looking for a reason why this happened. You'll only go crazy looking for a reason that isn't there.
    Women will do this, and they don't need a reason.
    80% of women will eventually lose attraction for the man who loves them. It doesn't matter if he's a better man than ever, or how much she loved him in the beginning. Some will stay with him and just make his life miserable. About 52% will leave.

    50% will be turning against their partner within about 4 or 5 years, and cutting off or drastically reducing sex and affection. They're the ones most likely to cheat. About 20% -30% of women will cheat on their partner.

    This explains why it's happening, but you can't fight instinct and evolution.

    There are some ways to improve your chances, but you'll be excluding 80% of women. I wouldn't touch any women who has close female relatives (blood relatives) who have ever been divorced. That would include mother, sisters, aunts, cousins. It is hereditary.
    Read this carefully, especially the part about finger length ratio.

    All you can do for now is stay healthy and keep fit. Physical exertion reduces stress and keeps you fit. Eat well and healthy. Some supplements can help, because you use more vitamins and minerals if you're feeling stressed


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  • You fell in love and she obviously didn't feel the same way. Believe me when I say that this happens to pretty much everyone at some point. You have no future with her anymore, you gotta realize that.

    I guarantee you that the same person who threw your heart into the meat grinder has absolutely zero fucking clue as to how to reach in and put it back together again.

  • That happened to me too, at your age (19)
    I had noproblems at all to trust my new girlfriend.


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