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OK so my mother in law has 3 kids and each time she goes on vacation she buys them stuff and mails it to them I'm a little hurt because she never does that for me nor does she ever get me anything for my birthday. In case you're wondering I am close to her so its not like we aren't close or something. Also on Christmas she will get my husband stuff and address it only to him but leave me out which I find kind of weird considering we are married. She doesn't get me anything. I feel a certain type of way about that because she leaves me out of the family in a way when I am a member of her family. How can I express this hurt without it sounding weird? My husband agrees that she is acting rude by leaving me out when everyone else gets stuffm


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  • oh well... she's a mom-in-LAW as u said... so it's obvious... :-)

    not yer biological mom

    • But I ask closr to her
      Last time I checked just because you aren't related by blood doesn't mean someone isn't family. I'm not saying she has to do ad much for me as for her kids but cmon my bday or Christmas or when she goes away she never ever gets me anything which is rude when you are close to the person. Hell I know tons of people who get gifts from their boyfriend or gfs parents and they aren't even married. Once married you are family

    • So because I'm her in lae means I should be left out. That's rude.

    • law*

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  • The vacations are understandable. It is definitely odd that she doesn't get you anything on your birthday and holidays though. Do you get her gifts?

    • Why are the vacations understandable but not the other things? I'm married to her son I'm a member of her family just like everyone else you can't exclude just one person you know? I always get her a card with a gift card for a restaurant for her bday and I always get her Christmas gifts and mothers day gifts

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    • Why though? We are close. You never answered my question? Why should she get me something doe my bdsy but not from. vacation. and how hard is it to just get one more thing for her daughter in law. Its not like she has to spend tons more money she only has one daughter in law. Really it wouldn't hurt to just get one more thinf

    • If it bothers you that much then talk to her about it.

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  • She's fighting low and dirty for taking her boy. Don't stoop to her level or she'll beat you with experience.

    • But its not like that we are close

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    • I still expect something small for my bday I feel. Like I said not the same amount as her kids or anything but some acknowledfement at least is warrantedm

    • It shouldn't be about level. Life isn't about ranking people in your life each relationship is unique. Like I said we are close

  • I wouldn't expect my mother in law to get me anything. I'm not blood related to her.

    • You get friends gifts right you don't have to be blood related to expect common manners. We are family she is my mother in law and we are close. She never ever gets me anything for Christmas or when she goes away or for my birthday I know tons of people who get gifts when they are just dating from their partners family so yes I expect some acknowledgement when I'm married to him. No not as much as her own kid but to be completely left out isn't right either

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    • I think as her family I should come before a friend. A daughter and law is family and should be someone you wouldn't mind spending money on for special occassions

    • I think you are right I can't claim to understand her... my guess is she might be selfish somewhere, I'm not sure.

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