Self conscious about my breath? I know I'm ocd?

Bad breath is yuck! Big turn off to everyone. I'm sure we can all agree with that. I usually chew on peppermint gum when I'm out and about hoping to run in to a pretty woman. But still I want a nice clean mouth when kissing.

Whats the best mouthwash? Note I can only use it if it's alchole free, so listerine is ruled out. On probation for 3 more months so I can't test positive for alchole in my breath. It's a pain isn't it?

Your thoughts.


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  • You probably have halitosis, you could ask your doctor if your bad breath is being caused by a condition you have in a different body system (like maybe your eating habits is the cause or maybe you've got too much acid in the body, etc)

    I'd skip the gum and try mint candies instead. Gum eventually starts to smell icky plus you have to find some place to spit it out. You can gargle bactidole in place of mouthwash.

    Oh and, not that I'm trying to attack you in any way, it's just I was a little offended by your misuse of the word "OCD". Having bad breath and freaking out about it does not make you OCD- I should know because I've been dealing with OCD for the past 9 years.
    *just wanted to point that out for future reference*

    anyways hope this helps! My sister had halitosis for like 2 years, but when she finally decided to see a doctor for it, it practically went away. Hope yours does soon. Take care :)

    • oh and if you're not too sure about bactidole, you can boil mint leaves or oregano and gargle the herbal hot water.

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  • you should get some treatment for it. maybe you have some stomach problems, maybe its your diet or teeth... there must be something wrong. you can cover it for some time with mint gums and sprays but you should really get checked.

  • You should carry breath spray.


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