Girls, I think I need some dating advise?

So I am indian trying the dating website. I am short too but, still I check my dick is pretty good (average). The thing is it doesn't have many other indians there so it is hard to date. So I try other races, my question is should I?

Do people from there own race only find the people in there own race attractive? I am talk about in general and if so why? I like girls from all races but, that is just me, just wondering why it isn't universal.

Secondly, why doesn't a girl want to date a short guy? I mean if the guy is like one or two inches taller than you why wouldn't you want to go out?

If it doesn't then what does? I have been trying forever and I can't get anyone =/


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  • I won't date a guy shorter than me. I refuse to. I am 5'4 and I like wearing heels so if you are shorter than me, I will tower over you in heel. My current boyfriend is 5'11 and I like that I can wear heels around him and still be shorter. I personally am not attracted to someone because of their race. If you are nice and treat me right, I will like you.


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  • Hey! I'm Indian and I'm honestly more attracted to white guys then Indians, that's just because I was brought up around them so I find them more attractive. but I wouldn't date a guy shorter then me just because I feel awkward, but if he is 2 or 3 inches taller then me then I'm fine with it. I guess it all depends on the person!

  • short doesn't matter, i don't mind dating a dude a couple of inches shorter, i think its sexy in heals.
    im 5"5 .
    race doesn't matters, i know a lot of white , and Asian girls that date indians dudes.
    dont give up, AND don't have negative thoughts either.

  • Race and height usually don't matter that much.


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