HELP! Why is my guy breaking up with me even though he still likes me?

The guy I've been friends with for two years and seeing for 3 months ended things because his grades were slipping and he needs to focus on school. He says that he still likes me, he even drunk called me a few nights ago saying that he misses me. We implemented no contact for a few weeks and the night after he called me he said that it didn't change what he needs to do, and we still should have some space between us for a while.

Is there a chance of us getting back together when I see him in two months? Why would he break up with me even though he likes me?



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What Guys Said 1

  • That really sucks I have been there. I don't think it is just school, in my unprofessional opinion I think he feels too wrapped up in you to even focus on school that could be it. But I don't know him, it would be easier if i did


What Girls Said 1

  • It's not worth it to wait for him or dwell on it. Just move on.


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