Dating irish men?

Only just met this guy on a night out at a pub, last sat. We have been texting a lot and seen each other twice already since Saturday. His Irish and I got a thing for irish men with an accent, greatbody nice personality, I feel like he could be "the one". I fall so hard to easy and hate that about myself, maybe I'm tripping but I can't stop thinking about him.. His25 I'm 22.
Sorry I totally blacked out and forgot to ask the question.
I want to see where this goes but I kinda messed up and had sex with him tonight and I've only seen him 3 times including the night we met. He just seems like such a gentlemen.. What do guys think? What do you think his thinking? He text me straight after he left my house and wants to see me everyday after work and when his back from Ireland


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  • ok... good for you? whats the question?


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  • I've had an experience with an Irish guy but not for too long cause i met him while traveling. If there was a chance, i would love to date him but just be careful tho, before you become exclusive make sure he's not seeing other girls!


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  • Good for you :)

    What's your question?


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