Ladies, how should a man text you?

The text game.. The one aspect of dating millions of men struggle with and few figure out. Girls, think about past Boyfriend's and Dates. What did they do right from a texting stand point. How did they get your attention and what did they say to get you on a date


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  • i hate texting, especially if I'm busy. so keep it brief, friendly, but not obsessive. talk about her day etc. dont wait 6 hrs to reply but dont be waiting for her to respond and then send? what r u typing" if u see her typing a message lol its invasive. basically what you want from a girl is what you should give!


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  • Well they make sure to text you though the day such as a good morning text and in the evening something like just thinking about you what are you up to. just show interest in her and things she likes most importantly listen like text her though out the day and ask her questions about herself her life her childhood the kind of woman she is etc .

  • I like normal friendly conversations.


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