3 dates lined up all on one weekend. What do I do?

Hi everyone- Do i'm in a bit of a jam here. I just joined an online dating app a few weeks ago. I have 3 dates this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) so I'm already good friends with the date I'm going on Friday . We kinda have this sexual liking thing going on when we text each other. Saturday's date just got set up today. He seems like a nice guy when we text. Sunday's date I've gone out twice. Which ended in kissing me outside my apartment "good kisser 😉" he wants to take me to a place in his area up town. Now I don't know what to do with Friday there's this something. What if I feel the need to finish the kissing with the guy I see Sunday. Now is it bad for me to try two other dates when I've been on one date already with the guy I'm seeing Sunday?
Friday date: he's a fireman and a really cool guy
Saturday date:Pharmicustical and loves dogs
Sunday date:Finance good kisser guy


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  • 3 dates in one weekend? I would love to have 3 dates in one weekend!! Im 22 and I've never been on a date :(

    As long as you're not in a relationship it's ok. You gotta give me pointers on how to get dates!

    • App I just started JSwipe. Silly Jewish app but people still join even if they aren't Jewish. Give it a shot.

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    • Thanks. Just the one thing I'm nervous is my job interview. Then I can wonder about my dates. So really just a little kissing and touching can't hurt with this guy on Frida.

    • Friday* can't hurt we've never talked a about exclusive and all. So yeah.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just go for it! You're not in a relationship lol.

    • Doesn't make me a slut right?

    • Of course not!

    • Ok. I can do this. It's just the guy I'm seeing Friday . I feel like when we text each other sexual stuff. And we both tell everything secretes. I like can't hold in the urge to hook up w/ him!!!

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