Calling me her nickname...

Me and this guy have a complicated past. He used to want me and I wasn't ready for a relationship then so eventually he gave up and went out with another girl for a year, they broke up after a year (2 months ago) a week after I broke up with my boyfriend. Any significance there?

However he always called his ex a very unique nickname (its from his favorite TV show) and recently he's been calling me this name too. I'm not sure what this means? Is he using me to replace her? I don't want to be his rebound, especially because they've had a relationship that's very off and on. Opinions?


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  • the answers in the question. sorry love.


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  • I don't know.

    What's scary is that you described exactly me. This guy and I have a complicated past and I wasn't ready so he gave up but then it was ME who dated another guy instead. I just broke up with him because I'm ready to be with this guy now. But I'm worried he thinks he's just my rebound.

    I wouldn't give up all hope on him quite yet. Give his break up some time but maybe he's calling you that nickname because that's how he expresses his affection and he doesn't know another way...