Shows interest, I ask her out, No response?

So first let me stress this whole interaction started on Tinder 2 or 3 days ago. We only talked a little bit and she offered her number up pretty simply. After that we texted and built a little bit of rapor for a couple of days. She ends her texts with a lot of smilies, and has called me "cutie". Today was her birthday and I sent her a text saying happy birthday yadayada. A couple texts later I figured id shoot her a feeler message basically "Hey (insert topical response to previous text) & I know were both busy this week but how would you like to grab a drink/coffee sometime?". So far she hasn't responded and its been about half a day while her other texts were pretty prompt. She seems like a great catch and I am interested. Should i give her more time to respond?
Yea she did end up responding & she said that she'd like to set something up sometime :)


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  • Dude, it's her birthday! She's probably busy celebrating and has tons of texts to reply to. She may not even have read it yet. So just relax and give her one or two days time to respond. I'm sure she wants to go out with you, so don't mess it up by freaking out now.

    • Yea she did end up responding & she said that she'd like to set something up sometime :)

    • See, I told you so :-) Also, some girls don't feel comfortable meeting someone who they've only had online conversations with for a few days. So if she doesn't wanna meet you in person right away, that doesn't mean she's not interested. Good luck!

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  • its the only thing you can do. keep asking and you have no chance. give it a few days and try again if she hasn't responded then that's it.


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