Seeing a guy who doesn't like talking on the phone/texting?

He's not into social media and isn't a fan of texting etc- perfers talking in person.
He also is pretty busy most days with work and other commitments.
I'm used to people who like texting not all day but at least once a day or talking every night and seeing me every second they can.
This is relatively new though so I don't want to overthink or assume negative things because he's different than guys I've seen in the past.
So I don't want to come across as needy or annoying inadvertently. Should I only text him when making plans or when he texts me first?


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  • There are some guys who are old school for want of a better word before sms people only talked on phone if they were apart for a long time or arranging to meet up. You would be considered ultra in communication if you rang each other every day mad if you had seen each other that day.


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  • Both! Encourage him to text you or have a phone conversation on an evening when you're both free! Make sure he gets to see you as much as possible but it's important he puts some effort in to messaging !


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  • talk to him in person and get him attached..

    • I don't see him around unless we plan to see each other is the only thing lol
      Like we live in the same suburb but don't have the same friends or work in the same area

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    • I didn't think of it like that
      Okay I'll wait for him to message me and I guess keep myself busy in the meantime :)

    • ya. feek free to PM i can walk ur along...

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