Do you think a guy can easily?

find another date or even meet a new girl after you met him one month ago but so far you and him had not been together not even for the first date?


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    • I am not dating this guy so is not that I broke up with him if Im not even dating him. We just met 1 month and 2 weeks ago bur for several circumstances we haven't been able to even have our first date or get together until probably this weekend.

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  • Of course. I was dating someone it didn't end well I got a date the next day.

    • Im not dating this dude I am just getting to know each other and our mans of communicaiton is through texting through our phones. I did not meet him online but in person one month and 2 weeks ago. but since then we haven't gone out not even for a first date taht is suppose to take place this Saturday.

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    • The guy is 44 and divorced. Liek I said for different circumstances we haven't been able to see each other since the moment we met in person and taht was a month ago, until this weekend we are supposed to sea each other finally

    • I understand that but he's still a man. 44 or not but even if he is dating other people doesn't mean he isn't happy to finally hangout with you. I was just answering your question yes I would say he probably is still dating people you can't just meet someone and stop dating without knowing them yet. That's silly

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  • Yes, very easily.

    • Darn. I mean we haven't gone out together but had planned to do it so since we first met, but for different circumstances we haven't been able to see each other for our first date after we met one month and 2 weeks ago. This weekend is the day we are supposed to finally see each other. But I hope he wotn cancell or so I really want to see him, cause if I dont see him there is a chance of what I just posted it may happen not now of course but eventually in the future and I want to get to know him better. I dont want to force him for the movie date of course, he knows we had a planned date but he may forgot we have one this weekened and he may had other committments so once again no see each other. This is only being an assumption it will happen and maybe Im being negative and anxious that Im thinking bad things. But we arranged for the date 2 weeks ago and since 2 weeks ago we haven't texted or talk to each other or contact each other that is why I am assumign he could forget

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    • Well why are you worried if you've planned it already? It may seem like he forgot, given that most people still chat from time to time I suppose, but it's better to not assume the worst already.

      Maybe this guy has learned that only communicating initially in actual dates is much better than learning about each other on a small screen.

    • I think I forgot to add that I had met him in person almsot 1 month and 2 weeks ago and the only communicaiton we had dons eo far is through mobile texting not chat on the computer screen, is not that Im dating online with him.

  • Of course he can.

    • The thing is I asked that because I met this guy like one month are so ago in person during a family trip but for different circumstnaces we haven't been able to see each other again but we had arranged previously like 4 weeks ago to hang out to the movies but for different reasons we haven't been able to see each other. So it means that since we met that month or so ago we haven't seen in person again. This weekend is suppose to be the day we finally see each other as we had arranged 2 weeks ago but in during those weeks we haven't been in contact when I say contact I meant by texting on the phone, like we had sone so far.. I just hope he won't forget therefore I will have to re confrim

    • Well, if he's forgetting, then you need to find a different guy, as he clearly isn't excited or emotionally invested. When you go to confirm he better be saying "Yes! We're still on. See you then.", or something similar. Though really, he should e the one confirming with YOU, and taking some initiative. Right?

  • It depends on the guy, some yes, some no.


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