What are date idea that is not so common/typical?

Common date ideas are: movies, bowling, skating, and going to a restaraunt.

What are uncommon date ideas to try?
I know a museum is not really common. So something like that or any other ones u can think of. Lemme know 😘


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  • I took my boyfriend skydiving haha

    • 😳 Was it the first date? lol

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    • No problem also hockey games and football games but off if your into that. Just stay away from movies and stuff boring!!

    • Well I am into basketball, track and field, and horse racing. And yes the movies/bowling etc is so boring now. did enough of that.

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  • Water park and the zoo
    If you have a rapids water park that would be awesome.

  • Amusement park!

    • Sounds cool! Have u ever been on a date to an amusement park? How was it?

    • Yes! A few times and it was soo much fun ^_^

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