I need an original come back for lazy boyfriend!!! Want to play hard to get?

I want to send him a riddle or quote of some kind to make it clear to him that he needs to work harder for me and that will make him think for a bit, as a reply to his constant messaging after we had broken up. Any ideas?


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  • You want to send him a riddle to make it clear... fuck it, I don't even need to read the rest.

    Riddles are not clear. That's why they are riddles!!! Jesus. See, this is exactly why guys think women are fucked in the head. This right here. You think you're being clear but you're really just playing games because you can't seem to find it in yourself to actually say how you feel. So you resort to worthless mind games to try to passive aggressively get your point across. Then you'll get mad when he doesn't respond in the manner you thought he would. This is doomed to fail.

    • Yes becaise when I tell him how I feel it doesn't have any effect and he keeps ignoring me and then when I don't want him he starts messaging him so I want to let him hang for a while and THAT is wy women think guys are fucked in the head

    • So let him hang then. You don't need to send him any cryptic shit, which would otherwise devalue your point. Just let him hang.

    • That is a good point, thanks!

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  • Maybe watch a romance movie with him where the guy tries really really hard and say how lovely that guy is throughout the movie...

  • by lazy u mean he's ignorin u?

    • Yes and then when I get mad and try to break up he starts sending a lot of messages

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  • Or you could just tell him to get off his ass and stop being lazy. Don't okay games by sending him quotes and stuff guys don't always catch on. Just tell him.

    • Okay good advice thanks :)

    • Don't threaten a breakup if your not willing to actually be broken up. You don't want him to see you as a pushover. When my boyfriend does things that bother me I just talk to him about it and he works on it he's not perfect by no mean but he tries for me and that's enough. Just as I do.

    • True :) thanks!

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