Hookup or more?

I started talking to this guy a few months ago and we talked a good amount not constantly by any means but he always made comments about not wanting anything serious and pretty much just wanted to hookup so I ended up meeting and getting into a relationship with someone else. That didn't work and we started talking again but now he's totally different he always texts me back our conversation hasn't ended in weeks. If I put lol and that's it or something he will then start up again with how was your day etc . Then he asked me to go on a 4 day trip with him. He talks about things in the future and I mentioned something about sleeping and he said he would put up with it for me. All of a sudden after we started again he wanted to be added on all my social media. Am I being stupid thinking maybe he changed his mind and wants more or is it possible he does want to maybe be more than a hookup.
Also I don't know if it matter but we text probably at least 200 messages a day between the 2 of us.


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  • I don't know... I've seen guys try pretty hard for a hookup. It's just the chase sometimes that makes it exciting for some men. I think you're right to be skeptical here. Proceed cautiously. He could want more than just a hookup, but he definitely does want sexy time with you.

    • Yah. Thanks I mean he's asked me out a few times and I couldn't make it so the other day I asked if he wanted to grab a drink that night forgetting he was out of town. and he said how about we grab drinks and lunch 2 days later

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    • Either did I! Lol

      I would like to see where it can go. He has known from the start I will not hookup. I made it very very clear. I'm not like determined to make something come out of it but I'm intrigued by him that's for sure.

    • I'd say definitely get lunch/drinks with him and make sure he knows your intentions and go from there

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  • He feels lonely. This is all it is. Even if he did have a change of mind or this was another guy.. you can't just jump in the lake like some fairy tale. Get know men deep for at least 6 months before commiting Into anything serious

    • I'm not looking to commit right now. I just don't get him wanting to take me with him on a family trip I find that weird. "Hey mom look tHis is the chick I'm screwing" lol

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    • Let me ask you this much.. what's your relationship like with your family

      Do you guys eat together?

      Do you and your father have open conversation?

    • I don't speak to my dad he left.
      But I'm very very close with the rest of my family.

  • It would be best for the both of you to have a serious conversation about it.


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