Why do some guys still flirt with girls when they know she has a boyfriend?

I wish other guys would keep there hands and cheesy chat up lines away from my girl!!!


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  • Because they aren't very clever. Some guys are also used to girls just saying she has a boyfriend to make him leave her alone. Then there are guys who think they can encourage the girl to cheat.


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  • Many girls aren't loyal anyway. They tend to flirt when they are with another guy to shop around for a new man... It's not smart to commit to girls like that, but if you're looking for sex girls like that are fair game. Just don't let your feelings get in the way, because they'll move on to the next guy behind your back just as easily.


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  • Because we don't care. Generally at least, I stay away from girls with boyfriends, some girls however will neglect to tell guys that they're in a relationship to begin with.


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