Guys say we are the ones that play games but really?

Most guys state they don't play games, but is this really the case? Men don't play to kind of games women play, they say they like women to be direct, approach them, be approachable and why do we make it so hard

As I've heard again and again on here pretty women get approached by jerks and thus never end up with nice guys. To this logic it is incumbent upon the attractive nice girl to seek out and make the 'nice guy' feel at ease and comfortable enough to ask her out. in my opinion this could take forever. Since the nice average Joe isn't used to being approached he goes through all kinds of internal dialogue, self-doudt, suspicions and what not that keep things from getting off the ground.

in my opinion this act of sizing the girl/ situation/ motivation is its own sort of game playing.
I realize there is a difference between being blunt, straight forward or worse just completely coming in out of left field. I always hear men saying they wish women would catch up and take the lead but in reality how much is that actually true

Men do seem to enjoy the chase and value women more after having to go through the pursuit. More and more though it seems their are less men willing to actually go through the pursuit and psychologists note this pattern of dviorced men self-described as 'bad pickers', basically they ended up with their wife because she didn't decline his advances and hung around.

That may be a bit extreme but I find myself stuck between trying to spot the nice guy out of the ones who approach and falling flat when I try to take the lead. Time is the only measure I have found which is frustrating. Men/ women any thoughts on a woman approach man style that works


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  • those guys r stupid basically...

    i've seen tooooooons of guys playin games, yet they don't admit it ;-)


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  • Maybe I'm just not understanding any of this, but the way I see it, things are very simple:

    1. Person A approaches Person B.
    2. Person A and Person B talk to each other
    3. Person A and/or Person B expresses a deeper interest in the other
    4. Person A and Person B are now either dating, or have moved on

    What else is there?

  • Honestly what I've found is that it's usually a waste of time to go after a woman who doesn't show interest in me first. I absolutely do prefer when a woman makes the first move.

    I don't feel like I play games personally but I know plenty of people of both genders who do.

  • Lol I hate women who play hard to get it's annoying to me

  • boys play games, men do something else.

    • I rather get to the point I find you attractive you find me attractive lets get something started

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  • He or she will assume the submissive position or he or she will move the fuck on. That's just how I fell.

  • Both genders play games.

    • Agreed but I guess my point is men are playing games a lot of the times whether they know it or not. And we too often realize the game and play right along... tedious

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