Is it wrong that i'm upset that the guy i've been dating says he is gonna move soon?

We've been dating for 8 months and then he tells me he might move in 2 months but isn't sure yet. And wants to move not for any real reason just wants to move cause his friends live there. So impulsive and immature. Is it wrong that i'm very upset and hurt? The fact that he's even considering moving really hurts me cause it means i mean nothing to him, right?


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  • He's just living his life basically. If he feels compelled to move who r u to stand in his way. Maybe talk to him about how it will affect you to get perspective.


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  • Hell yeah! You have every right to be upset! What kind of a stint is that? You feel angry because he wastes your time. But hey, you don't want someone as impulsive and immature like that, do you? I once had a friend like this, dumped her like a sack of hot potatoes.

    • Thanks for your answer! I kept feeling so guilty for getting mad but i just broke it off with him, still feel guilty but it's the right thing to do:(

    • Good on you. Of course you are going to feel a little shitty for quite some time but you will get over it and thank yourself for that.

    • Thank you :)

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  • u r upset coz u love him obviously... i gues u should give it a try 4gettin bout him... no? :-)


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  • Of course you're gonna be upset. Who wouldn't be?

    • Thanks. I broke it off with him because of this and now feel guilt :(

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