Girls what makes a attractive guy go from being dateable down to only being friends with benefits?

what traits make you go from being interested in him as dating partner to only wanting to be friends with benefits instead of actually dating

and does the situation make a difference?


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  • Depends on how he treated me and what kind of vibe he was sending. His previous "dating" record and basically how I feel with him. Do we have enough in common to talk, date and be among other people, or is it just a physical thing where we do get along but other than that we dont really have much going for us. And yes it does make a difference

    • so how would different situations affect it?

    • Well depends on his attitude. If he is willing to accept that it's strictly friends with benefits all is good. If he still sees her as datable he might not understand the fact that she just wants that and she's still free to meet/date other people. It might completely break the friendship, since there will be some jealousy lingering where there shouldn't.

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  • If he's not ready to commit to only me.

  • Being broke
    Being a loser
    No goals
    Being ratchet

    • No offense but how the fuck are you entitled to his wallet. The other points, I can somewhat understand. You are the type of girl, that should stay single forever.

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    • Yes I'm the second one! Thank you for at least giving me a chance and not just assuming I bring nothing financially to the table like that other guy did

    • Haha no problem, i think the same way in a sense, so i could immediatley see it from your point of view

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  • maybe she doesn't like yer personality now?


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