Mixed feelings about my lesbian crush?

I have a crush on a lesbian. She is a friend of mine. She knew this and declined me because I'm not her type. Totally understandable, no bad blood or anything so we just go on with life and keep our friendship growing.
Recently I've noticed some things. She's been texting me more than usual, always inviting me to lunch either by herself or with her friends (and picks up the tab for us even though I decline) and being more comfortable around me. Sure she still talks about other chicks in front of me, but it's more of a hesitant type of way than her usual outspoken one. She also gets really defensive whenever someone assumes we are a couple because of how much we hang out together. She even told me our mutual friend brought this up and said, "well if you want people not to think you're together you shouldn't act like a couple," and didn't really know where she was going with the conversation so she slowly changed the subject. I tried asking her casually like "what?" but she shook it off and began talking about something else.
So I'm confused a bit. And I really don't know what my feelings towards her are right now. Like yeah I liked her but she told me basically I didn't have a chance and now I feel like it's the other way around. Your thoughts? Is this normal in a budding friendship or could this potentially be more?


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  • Maybe her feelings have changed, or when you first brought it up to her she was scared to risk your friendship... or maybe you're reading into things that aren't actually there. Hard to say. Honestly, I know it's hard, but you should just ask her about it... just tell her you feel like she's been acting differently around you.


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