Have you ever been attracted/crushing to someone and you know that they most likely taken?

I'm curious, if other people experience this as well and realized that the person theyre crushing on is taken. I had a gut feeling he was taken, but i guess a part of me hoped he was single and could achieve some sort of relationship with him. Whether it be romantic or not. Like I recently, found out a guy I found super attractive (I'm sure a lot of girls would think so too) has a girlfriend and previously I didn't know that, now that I have a validation of it I feel as a big weight has lifted off of me. I mean I crushed on him pretty hard during the semester and now that's over (finding out his dating someone) I feel like I don't have to be as anxious anymore; since I won't see him anymore.

So have you ever experienced this, where you know most likely the person is taken but don't know whether or not theyre taken and once you find out you can finally let go of those feelings you had.


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  • Well, I'm past just crushing/being attracted to someone who is taken. I knew from the beginning he was taken, but I never tried to get with him... at least, not at the beginning. He pursued me (I swear on my life). I fell for him... hard. Still dealing with that pain, haha.

    I have crushed on someone that I later found out had a girlfriend. It sucked to know, but I wasn't into him so much that I was completely devastated. I'm glad I found out, though, so I could move on to the next guy, lol.


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  • nope. personally, knowing someone is taken is the BIGGEST turn off ever for me.

  • Yes, this has happened to me a few times.


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