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Over the years I've dated three guys, not including this one. This guy is called Ryan. Sadly, he's long distance, he's in the south island and im in the north of new zealand. But I love him sooo much. Whenever I've dated guys, its just been meh, whatever. But with this guy... when we Skype or talk on the phone, I can't stop smiling. He makes me so happy and distracts me from being suicidal. I've talked to my mum about it and i ended up crying because she thinks he's a bad influence on me, even though she's never talked to him. I just want her to see him through my eyes. I think he's the one for me... but im so young. But when i talk to him there's just a connection... I can't explain it. What should I do about it? I have no money to buy plane tickets to see him, I've spent all my money on bmth cds, stupidly. But arrrggghhh I've got guys flirting with me thatt i have no interest in but this one guy im into doesn't seem to be interested in me. Im so messed up right now. What is your opinion on the situation.


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  • Don't waste your time on the long-distance relationship. It won't work out, and it will only mess with your head. Concentrate on guys in your local area.


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  • you should move on


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