Okay, can you please read this quote and tell me what you think it means because I need help?

Okay, this is going to sound werid but I was texting my boyfriend and he was sending me random crap so I decided to send him some random crap.

Well see my phone has a suggestive word option on its keyboard and thats what I used to make a quote. Well I didn't proof read this quote now my boyfriend wants to talk to me.

Please read the quote and comment what you think it means because I have no idea and my boyfriend seams awefully concerned.

" If I got to do it to the other than that is your own virus found in the same thing that the other use of these people who are not sure if you are the right way" suggestived words of my phone

That is the exact message I sent him

What do you think he thinks? What do you think? because I have no clue what I even meant by it.

It doesn't help that he is drinking right now and I am 2.5 hours away for 3 plus months.

Please help me. Just give your best guess.

Side note: the polls are the only thing I can think of
  • He thinks your trying to say your cheating ( I am not I promise)
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  • He just curious on what the hell that even means
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Okay thanks guys I got it figured out now. I misunderstood the text he sent me. He sent me a text saying " Taylor said hi and and we need to talk" then another one after that said " Quote" . I thought he meant we need to talk about the quote I sent earlier. He just texted it weird but thanks guys.


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  • I have no clue what that even means myself.

    • Right, but see I read his text wrong when he texted me. This girl his friend knows apparently likes me so he said Taylor said hi and we need to talk then he sent quote. So when he said quote I thought he was talking about the quote I sent him. He was talking about Taylor. I don't know why he texted it that way. Thank you for commenting.

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