Was he a commitment phobe?

He's 34 never had serious long term girlfriends. Never married. We had a wonderful nine hour date and he was opening up. He was being very real and sweet and caring. He called me the next day. Then he just backs away cold.

And no we didn't have sex and we spent a lot of quality time he even blew off his friends for me.


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  • "We had a wonderful nine hour date.."
    The hell? Dates are supposed to last maybe 2-3 hours, not 9 hours. That's not a date; that's a mission.

    I assume that was your first date? If so, that's too early in the game to reach any definitive conclusions. When you're that early in the process, anyone's interest can change at any time.


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  • He probably is. I'm sort of like that. I hung out with a guy once and we had a great time. We even texted later that night and planned to gang out then ext week. I overbooked myself though, so I had to cancel my plans with him. After that I never contacted him again. He's my neighbor too. I just freaked and I couldn't handle it so I haven't talked to him in like 2 or 3 weeks.

    • It hurts me a lot. I really resent him now.

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    • I wouldn't resent him for it. Hold that for someone you've been with way longer and yet drops you like dirt. Yeah, it hurts that he just up and stopped talking to you, but don't let it darken your heart. He's not worth it.

    • I am trying. I accepted it but it burns. We didn't have sex but we cuddled for hours in bed talking. Etc. he was very real and seemed to open up a lot to me. Maybe that's why he backed away?

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  • He could or he could not, I know MHO right?


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  • Yeah... that's what a commitmentphobe does. If you're looking for something steady... move on.


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