I started dating my guy friend's friend, the friend stopped liking my photos on instagram. We broke up, but guy friend still watches snapchat stories?

I always had a crush on the guy friend and he and I hooked up once a few years ago. Now that the ex (my guy friend's friend) and I broke up, my guy friend watches my snapchat stories but still doesn't like my photos on instagram (when before the friend and I dated, he had liked almost all of them). I know I'm reading into this too much...


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  • well he could just be watching your snapstory just to get rid of the notification. But why don't you just talk to him? it sounds like that would clear a lot of things up. and he probably has feelings for you, and didn't like that you dated his friend. But just talk to him. if you value your friendship, it will go a lot better.


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