Is it bad to ask her out for the 3rd time?

So I have known this girl for a little over a month, we went on a "blind date" at prom. Let me just say, she is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met! We had a great night! I am a quiet guy who is introvert and she is extrovert and outgoing. I have never had a girlfriend, mainly because I have never been so attracted to a girl. Anyway, a little less than 3 weeks ago I text her if she would like to go hiking. It was casual and pretty last minute. She never replied until after my suggested time. She was very apologetic, saying she had a head cold and took a nap, and that she just got my message. I was understanding and said it was totally fine. Well the next day, Saturday, I asked her about going on Sunday. She said she was very sorry and she had family functions on Sunday, which most people do so it was totally fine. She said "I promise I am not trying to blow you off or anything!" Well, 4 days later I just sent her a text and asked her "If you are still up to hanging out and are not busy let me know." No reply for two days. I really had feelings for this girl, but I also , so I let it be. I was reassured when two days later she asked me if I would like to go to a dance concert with her. Of course I said yes, and we went last Wednesday. Like I said I am quiet and kind of shy, but there was never an awkward silence, and I think it went good! Well, I texted her "thanks again for inviting me, I had a good time and would love to do something again." She answered "Oh it was my pleasure! I'm glad you enjoy coming with me." Well this was Friday , and I haven't talked to her since (besides saying hi to her a couple times in the hallway on Friday). I don't know if she would be interested in hanging out again, so I've been kind of hesitant. However, I know the only way to really find out if she is interested is to ask her out again, which I will in the next couple of days. QUESTION IS, should I ask her to go hiking the 3rd time? Or something else?


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  • Well it seems like she leads a busy life there but It's a very good thing that she finds time for you :D For any date, variation is really good. It gets you to try new things (which, with her personality, I think she'd love) and lets you know her a bit more. Win-win! If you're worried about her, one of the things you could talk about on your dates is how she usually spends her week. It'll give you an idea on which days she's probably free and you can kinda gauge the situation on how she feels about you based on her free time and how she spends time with you. Hope this helps! :)


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