Why I attract only guys I dont like?

I am hispanic girl, i have light skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair...
I like guys with light hair and light eyes... But i recieve a lot of attention from latino type of guys, with black hair and eyes, i am not attracted to them AT ALL, but it seems they like me... and it kinda piss me off...
Why do u think this happening?


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  • Same here. I get guys that I'm not attracted to but who have charming beautiful personalities. It's like my pheromones are sending out signals to ONLY attract fat or men that I consider to be really unattractive...

    What the deuce?

    • Thats really makes my mood low and makes my self esteem low

    • It doesn't to me. Don't worry about it. Put yourself out there on dating websites and you'll get plenty of hits which you can choose from--hopefully some are the ones you like.

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  • I have the same problem, but the other way around. I'm more attracted to Asians like Hispanic/Mexicans and Filipino, but the guys that I usually attract are white and others...

  • I attract guys that I do like, but I can never seem to get with them. LoL. I don't know why it's happening, but it could just be the environment.

  • I feel you girl. I have the same problem but then other way around haha. Go to a place with lots of white guys. Works for me everytime.

    • I live in european country, but it doesn't solve my problem...

    • Same. I'm also European. Go to the Netherlands. Enough white guys with blonde hair here.

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