Have u ever been on a first date that u thought went really bad but it turned out they liked u?

I just went on a date with a guy I met online... I think I stuffed my chances of seeing him again... I got nervous and said all theses ridiculous things including:
- "I think I have ADD cos I have trouble sitting through a movie."
- "I always get into trouble at work cos I talk too much and dance."
"this manager at work hates me cos he caught me singing once."
- "I am bored of my job..."


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  • Several times. Dates are always a wild card I think and it is tough to really know how it went. I usually just ask...


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  • Nope. But honestly it sounds like it went fine. You sound like a really fun, cheery, energetic person. Guys love that.


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  • I don't see any uninterest signs. But, to answer your title, I think I will in the future.


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