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  • Younger guys are more fragile. They fear rejection, they are finding themselves and they're just inexperienced.

    The older guy knows after countless rejections that it's just a numbers game and if you ask enough, you may have a 10% chance however... they also know if you don't try.. you have a 0%

    Another spin is this, if a girl is 19-22? I'll flirt aggressively just because i know there's no future or any potential romance. If i meet lets say 27-32 (my age range) i'll be more conservative as i may risk scaring away someone i could potentially date.



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  • If you're attractive, guys your age probably aren't going to make a first move. Men in their 20's can sense you're younger and they have the financial and life status to give themselves confidence to approach you. 19 y/o's like me don't have those same confidence boosters.

    • But I have friends that have boyfriends or guys that are interested their age sooo.. What makes them different

  • Yes you look nice and attractive: )

    To the next question !


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