Girls, A question for the best way for a stranger to walk up and introduce himself and land a number?

Ladies what is the way you would like to be approached by a stranger, and which places would you be most comfortable being approached?


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  • 1. At the Mall : I'm already in the mood for shopping why not shop for a new man as well. My green light is on.
    2. Going to or coming from the Gym, But not at it. Because I'm revealing more skin and wearing less make up. It shows me interest at a different level.
    Approach me alone and while I'm alone. Don't ask for my name or number. Allow me to give it to you by choice. Don't be offended if I choose to only accept your number, its only because of my guard being up at the time. I would prefer a guy to ask me if I'm single. rather than to ask if " he gives me his number, if id call or not."
    If I'm not alone then give me a note or business card.
    John Doe, 111-111-1111- "Your Beautiful"
    Be cool about it!


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  • Just go up and say hi and then talk about something like small talk for a while.


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