All this over a stupid fb post?

My boyfriend of 4 years moved to Georgia a little over a month ago for a better job he got. Once I save more money I am going to move in with him. I posted a fb status tagging him saying all this stuff about how proud I am of him and blah blah blah and how much he means to me and I stated at the end of my thing that no one misses him as much as I do. Well according to him his mom called him a fee hours later saying did you see what your girlfriend posted on FB she just said that no one misses you as much as she does that's an insult to me and your two brothers but especially me. I think his family misses you as much as she does and blah blah blah. When he called me to tell me this he agreed that she was acting childish and petty about the whole thing and that she overreacted. He said it was just a fb post and it wasn't meant to be taken that seriously and gr was sure I wasn't trying to insult the family. It ews just something I wrote kind of like an expression. Well she proceeded on to say well I think the people who known him all his life miss him just as much. And he was like OK that's fine I believe that it was just a post and for her to stop overrescting. What she overreacting? I think so because if she wrote a fb status about him saying no one misses him as much as she does I wouldn't think it was a personal jab at me I would think oh she misses her son and find it kind of sweet actually.


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  • What was/is your relationship with HER like before this? How much interaction do you have with her? Does she like you? Have there been ups and downs between you and your boyfriend that she may know about (and they usually only hear the one side of the story)?

    • Nah he isn't the type to talk about our relationship issues. I mean we didn't have a great relationship or anything but she didn't hate me

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    • Listen, I don't know him, or you, or his mother. You know him best so if you think you would be the choice, then you probably would. It's just been my experience that when it comes down to choosing a girlfriend over family, especially a mother, the girlfriend usually becomes not the girlfriend anymore. A man typically doesn't want the situation where the person he is planning to spend the rest of his life with isn't liked/can't get along with his mother. However, some men don't really care about that. So, I was just going from my experience and perspective. That's how it works on here, I mean honestly, you're asking complete strangers for their thoughts with very little information. One thing though, maybe you want to not use the word "crazy" in regards to your future mother-in-law, it really doesn't help things. Anyway, good luck to you, hope it all works out!

    • You're right I will calm down on the word crazy. I don't think that's the case for most people in regards to girlfriend or family. After a while the girlfriend becomes family
      Think about it if you live with them you see them a lot more then your parents and siblings so it would make sense to prioritize them first and choose them in most cases because as an adult you start making decisions around them and their needs not your families. If my NFL was bring reasonable he always comes first as I think that's how it should be as two adults starting our lives together.

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  • I think this is about the 3rd or 4th post I've read of you here within a few weeks about your bf's mom acting crazy (unless there are several GAGers with 28-year old bfs who moved to another state and whose mom is nuts). As I told you before, yes, she is nuts, but you shouldn't let if affect you. You're not helping yourself when you get this mad at her every time. Do you really wanna post on GAG every time his mom acts crazy, just for us to reassure you that you are right (which you are) and she is wrong? Don't give her that power over your life. Your boyfriend seems to know who his priority is (you), so you have nothing to worry about. You are the woman on his side, and pretty soon you are gonna be the one who is with him every day. That should be satisfaction enough for you. His mom won't stop acting crazy, and there is nothing you can do about it except stop caring.

  • Yeah, she took the post too seriously but try not to argue with them about it, really, unless you see them.

    • Well no I'm not going to

    • I really don't see the reason for the mother to get angry. I think she was just being possessive of her son I guess

    • Yeah except her son is 28. She was acting crazy in my opinion. It wasn't like I said no one else is allowed to miss him

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