Guy I met online, what does he really feel for me? Please help?

I met this guy through online and here’s the timeline of what had transpired so far.

Apr 24 ­ We started chatting
Apr 29 (wed) ­ First meeting. His invitation. Coffee shop > Dinner > Home (Roughly 2/1 hours)
May 2 (sat) ­ Second meeting. His invitation. Played pool > Dinner > Home (Roughly 2/1 hours)
May 8 ­ 9 (fri ­ sat) ­ Third meeting. His invitation. Art gallery > Walking for 1km > Cafe > Walking for 3km > Dinner > Drink at Bar 1 > Drink at Bar 2 > His flat > Sex > next day, i went home (Roughly 15 hours)
May 13 (wed) ­ Fourth meeting. His invitation. Dinner > Walked around in mall (Very short, just 1/2 hour)

And also, he keeps mentioning about future dates like “We can run together”, “I’ll bake cake for you if you behave” “I’ll leave my door open so that a sweet lady like you can come in easily” He’s okay when we are together but he actually doesn’t message much.

Our 4th meeting got almost cancelled cause I got sulky. Day before meeting he didn’t confirm to me if our date is still up so i told him i’ll take his no reply as a no but then he explained that he was with his friends so he wasn't able to confirm fast. I didn’t reply to that. On the day of meeting, he sent early message “good morning” which he never sent to me before and asked if I was still up for our date.. eventually i decided to meet him.

Tonight, he’s gone out for a friends drinking birthday party. Im kind of paranoid that he’s seeing other girl.

So, what should I do in this case? Does he me someone special, potential romantic partner or just to time pass? by the way in all our dates, I only paid twice. he paid most.


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  • Your just thinking too much. Maybe talk to him and see what he thinks you both are. As I see it its just dating to him and its already more for you.


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