I'm about to meet a girl off tinder in couple of days. What should I expect or go for out of this? What should I do? What does she expect out of this?

Well, we haven't talked much but she asked me if I wanted to meet up for a coffee or drink and I said yes. She lives like an hour away. On Saturday morning I'll meet her for a coffee and then later she invited me for a BBQ where her friends will be there too. I've mentioned I'll stay in the area at a hotel nearby her place cause I don't wanna come back to my place late night. Anyways, I really have no idea whether she is looking for something serious or just hooking up/fling. What do you think guys and girls? How should I approach this?
Forgot to mention that she also told me to come on Friday night for a drink but I said no because I have to attend my friend's birthday party.
Is this it? Is there really no one else that is willing to answer my question here? Geez.


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  • I would go into it assuming she's expecting to DATE not hookup, because she invited you for coffee and a barbecue. If people want to hook up... that's typically not on the list of activities people will typically go for. Bring her flowers if you feel so inclined, but to be safe bring a condom in case things DO get hot and heavy (since you do have a hotel room, you could really end up liking her and vice versa so who knows). But, I wouldn't anticipate it.

    • True. I messaged her with the intention to date, but we haven't talked much and talked about anything serious so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the advice though.

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    • Okay. Thanks a lot for answering though. I can't believe it's been one hour yet only you answered my question. This is ridiculous.

    • Yeah it happens.

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