Is he interested or not?

I'm 20 and the guy is 25. He was in my class this semester and we just started talking and became friends. He eventually asked me out on a date and the date was okay, we didn't kiss after the date just a hug, which I was completely fine with. After that he went out of town for spring break so we didn't talk for 2 weeks. He came back and then we started talking even more and then I started going over to his place everyday for hours. We didn't kiss just cuddled. At first I was confused whether he was interested or not but then realized that he is just really respectiful toward me. But anyway it's the end of the semester and last night we finally made out, and he was getting really touchy which I was fine with but I told him I didn't want to have sex right now and he was like don't worry I wasn't going to try something. But before I left he just gave me a hug and then the next day he didn't text me all day, so I texted him and he took for ever to reply and he just kept it short. Oh and the day we made out his friend called and he says I'm just hanging out with a friend. So I'm so confused what's happening! Is he interested or not? Or did he just want to sleep with me? And are we just friends?


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  • Yes he is interested, but I believe he is either worried you will find someone else or he is keeping an eye on another prospects.

    If you want him and want him to call him your girlfriend, let him know and he probably will.

    Also, if he is the gentleman type, as you so describe, he may have avoided the title to prevent an award situation.

    Good luck


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