He likes me or he just thinks i'm weird?

So i really like this boy in my school lets call him (x) so I have only told one person about how i really have a crush on (x) and she is my best friend, she would never tell anyone on earth. But today I was listening to music before the bell went for school, then (x) best friend walks past and goes "Hello, you fancy (x)" and he just walks off. Me and my friend look so confused and I have no idea how he knows about this.

So then at break I stayed in this room with so many other people, and this (x) was in there, me and my friends all sat round a circle on the floor and they were teasing me about the whole situation, then (x) kept on looking at me and kept edging closer towards me. He went to the front of the room and looked back at me. Does he think I'm weird that I can't tell him I like him? Does he find me weird anyway? I don't know if this is a sign. HELP!
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I forgot to add he is a very shy person!


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What Guys Said 1

  • "then (x) kept on looking at me and kept edging closer towards me"<---- that's a good sign actually :-)

    maybe yes i'd say... y don't ask him out? ain't nothing 2 lose :-)

    • Hahahaha that's what I thought for that part of the whole situationn. But he could say no and I would be a laughing stock. So i don't know if I should bother waiting for him to ask me out :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Well he definitely knows it might just make him unconfortable

    • So you're saying he doesn't fancy me?

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    • But why would he loo at me like that? x

    • I don't know some guys just want to be friends be honest and talk to him and if he is not ready for another relationship or see's you as a sister/friend than you should respect how he feels

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