Should I go for it? If so, how?

I work at Starbucks, and there's a girl who comes in every now and then in workout attire. She always smiles when I'm taking her order, she makes a lot of eye contact, she uses my name. One day it was busy and the other cashier was taking her order when I was helping someone else and she said "bye [name]".

Is she flirting? I'm clueless when it comes to this. She seems super flirty to me. The biggest problem would be that I wouldn't know how to ask her out since I only see her when I work and I don't think I can do it while I'm on my shift.

What do you guys think?


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  • When you are taking her order, if you give her cash back, a receipt, or giving her her order, hand her a slip of paper with your number on it, on the paper write a note saying you would like to talk to her or see her outside of the daily coffee run. Shows her that you are interested but also gives her the freedom to talk to you if she wants. Also if she likes you then she will feel more comfortable giving you her number. Might not get a call/text that day that you give it, but if she is interested in you she will definitely make a move. Don't wait to long though or she will think you are clueless and she'll move on. Hope this helps. Good luck


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  • Go for it! Sounds like she's flirting.


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  • hmmmm i'd assume she's consinderin u more as a friend dude! ;-)


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