Ladies do you pursue men?

I often hear guys talk about how difficult and embarrasing it could be to approch a women. Many of my girl friends approch guys. Somehow its never a bad out come or complet let down. They just move on to the next one. Girls even ask for other girls. One time i was turned down because his twin had a major crush on me. lol Yes they were twins but the personalitys were completely differnt. Anyways i wasn't discoraged about doing this in the future. Maybe guys deal with more peer presure from other guys, or play too many games and get hurt. What do you think, i think we deserve more credit.
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My confident or bubbly friends will pursue a guy but the others that usually ask if they look ok won't, they usually establish multiple crushes or obsess over a guy.
Women are more versatile while men are know to have more of a type, this all excludes my independent women who want a man not a boy


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  • I rarely see women approaching men, and in my life I've only been approached by one girl. Yeah, they talk positive about me, and I know who likes me, but they never come up to me.
    So in my experience, no, ladies do not pursue men. Sure, it may happen, not very often, but it may happen, I just haven't seen it yet.

    • Your young and cute, I wouldn't what this to happen often. Don't want cougars walking up to young guys

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    • @CincinnatiRedsfan Not just me, but to anyone, I've never seen it, but maybe because I'm 19 and you're 24, I mean, I've been dealing with adult women for less than 2 years. I do see them looking and smiling, but approaching? Never.

    • @AleDeEurope Believe it or not, I've been dealing with adult women for about nine years now. When I was in high school, I remember meeting girls much older than men (like between 20-23 years old.) I never did anything with them but they always flirted with me (at least I think they did, maybe not.) I've always looked older for my age too.

      However, when I was a teenager, I would see girls approach other teen guys too.

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  • I think a majority of young women in their teens and 20's these days pursue men. I know its not traditional gender roles but traditional gender roles don't exist as much as they used to.

    Personally, I've been approached by a girl exactly three times in my life. The first time I was approached by a girl was when I was twelve years old. A girl was walking in my neighborhood and I was sitting on my porch. She was with her friend, stopped just to ask me my name. For some reason, and I have NO idea why, I lied and said my name was Bob. When I was a kid until I was about 14, I was very odd socially (in my opinion) and this was my way of communicating (I guess.) It was stupid, because she was decent looking and about 13/14 years old at the time too. WHY did I do this... WHY? Lol.

    The second time I was approached was in my Freshman year in high school. A girl walked up, said "hey big boy" and hugged me. She told me she thought I was "hot." So I asked her out... and she rejected me (I'm still clueless on this one.)

    FInally, the third and last time I was approached by a girl was when I was 21, and I was working at McDonald's at the time, on my break at work. A girl approached me and I SUSPECT was flirting with me. We talked, I found out she was a Senior at a local high school, I offered to re-fill her coffee, but I had to get off break so quick, I didn't get her number (I REGRET THIS SO MUCH.)

    I've known wealthy, spoiled guys who get approached all the time though. I think a girl approaches a guy who is wealthy, obviously because they want money. They know they're wealthy by the clothes they wear or car they drive.

  • The only time that a girl is going to be the 1 to pursue a man is if he's handsome in her eyes and even then if she lacks the balls to approach him.. she's not and it's as simple as that -_-

    • Hell with all of these thirsty ass dudes out her girls can afford to be that way which is stupid, but hey I complaining LOL

    • I see girls all the time acting stupid, following guys, screaming at them like a pack of unchained animal, for older adults they be like, you better take what u want

  • Only once a girl approached me and it was a prank ( that i smelled in time as she couldn't stop giggling ).
    So... sadly... points go to B

  • Yes men pursue me... Im a sexy guy:D


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  • I don't ever. For me, if I were to do it, I would see myself as desperate. Other women can pursue men and I wouldn't see them as that.

    I do think you're right in that a lot of guys feel pressured by others. I see more women building each other up and playing wing-woman than men.

    • I look at other women the same way some actually do it the correct way now that is very rare, that when you have a great personality and it flows

  • I always give the guy the first chance to ask me... but I get impatient and almost always end up asking.

    • Almost like 1sighting isn't enough, they need to see you often to gain a little more confidence each time

  • I've never approached a random guy, but I will initiate hangouts then dates if I like a guy.

  • I pursue men in a way that makes them want to pursue me. it sounds a little weird i know. its not mind games but i just make myself available in different situations, and then busy myself with friends in others, all the while signaling interest so when he approaches me and i say yes, he feels accomplished that he didn't get rejected but meanwhile, i pulled the strings to make it happen! hhaa

    • So you don't pursue men.

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    • Consistency, I grade school a guy might hit you, when your older act a fool and he will be like, I think she likes me

    • this is true! haha

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