Is he a keeper?

he's so sweet, and we like each other. we aren't dating bc im not allowed to lmao
he has liked me for 2 years and he has always been there for me.
he sends me good morning and good night texts and asks me if i'm okay if i seem tired or sad.
and he tells me he worries about me.

but there are times when he can be up and down with his signals. but i think that's cause he has his own stuff going on. anyway, he hangs out with me sometimes and we know a lot about each other.
he calls me beautiful and nice and smart. he responds to my rants and compliments me if i do something good. he doesn't judge. he always helps me out. if i need something from his classroom, he'll get it for me and all that.
he sends me motivational stuff too haha
there are times when he last minute cancels to go with his own friends but i understand because guys need their time with their friends too and yeah
do you think i should keep on liking him? because i don't think i'll be able to stop. is it worth it?


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  • If you say you won't be able to stop, then go ahead?


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